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Hospital Jobs for Doctor in Middle East

A private hospital in Kuwait, Middle East "British Hospital" Looking for professiaonal doctor to work and join with them in order to increase their health care services to the patients. Recently they held position for specialist doctor to fill some jobs position such as :British Hospital is one of big private hospital in Kuwait, for the jobs vacancies above they are seriousely expecting the applicant those doctors who include in demand requirement :

1. Hospital job; Specialist doctor in Obstetrics Gynaecology
- Female doctor
- Post Graduate degree
- Has minimum 5 years of job experience in hospital
- Capable to be incharge of OPD's , in-patient and surgery room

2. Hospital job; Specialists/Registrars in Anaesthesia
- Female Anaesthesia
- Post Graduate degree
- Minimun 5 years experience in epidural and Spinal Anaesthesia

3. Hospital Job; Specialists doctor in Radiology
- Available for Female only
- Post Graduate degree
- Minimum 5 years experience in obstetrics and ultra-sonography

4. Hospital Job; Specialists doctor in Paediatrics
- Expert in Neonatal care is essential
- Post Graduate degree
- Minimum 5 years experience in Paediatrics room

All the jobs possition are paid with attractive salary and plus another benefits from hospital depend on their job and of course base on their experience. British Hospital is currently has 800 bedded Hospital with total medical care services.

If you are interest with this jobs vacancies, contact Agency Recruitment for the Medical Healthcare bellow:

Charishma, G-01, Ground Floor,
Gurudev Apts, R.C.Marg ,
Chembur Naka - Mumbai-71,India
Tel:91 22 522 1817/524 3680
Fax:-524 3681
Direct:595 1148
Email: charishm@vsnl.com

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At November 12, 2010 at 4:09 PM, Blogger arif said...

We are an ophthalmologist couple. Both husband and wife completed Masters degree in ophthalmology with long clinical experience. We are willing to work with you. If you are interested to see our CV, please let us know via email : drarifsun_eye@yahoo.com . Regards.

Dr. Syed Md. Arif Sanawar
MBBS, DO, MS(ophthalmology)
Dr. Shabeena Huda
MBBS, MS(ophthalmology)

At January 13, 2011 at 2:05 PM, Blogger md said...


The HR Manager
Subject: Job Application

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have 7+ yrs of experience as Physiotherapist in different Hospital in QATAR and INDIA. Currently working in QATAR .I would like to submit my resume for your kind perusal. I believe my qualifications will match your requirements. I have a experience in different/critical type of cases to treatment and new situations. Working with Cardio/Ortho/Neuro department has been rewarding and has created positive change in my personal developments.

Please consider this letter as an expression of my sincere interest in pursuing the vacancy in your prestigious organization. I am capable of working hard, self-confident, optimistic, sincere and honest with good leadership qualities.

I would like to have opportunity to talk to you about my background and the areas in which I can benefit your organization & in turn gain advancement of my career development.


I look forward to hear from you.



Sr Physiotherapist
C0N- +97455922352//email-mdsadique343@gmail.com


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