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All Healthcare Jobs in Hospital for Bachelor Degree or Diploma, Doctors Job, Nurses Job, Midwives Job, Orthodontist or Dentistry Job, Microbiologist Job, Laboratory Technician Job, Radiology Job, Allied Health Job, Pharmaceutical Job, Health Care Engineering Job, Physician Job, Hospital Operations Job, etc.

Jobs Hospital for Laboratory Technician

A big company in Habshan, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates (Brunel Energy) which providing staff worker to the oil or petroleum company around Emirates countries, Recently held job vacancy for the Laboratory Technician to work and join with that company.

Most of Brunel Energi's clients are responsible for the processing of natural and associated gas from onshore oil operations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Job vacancy for the Laboratory Technician will close on 25th June 2009.

Job description for Laboratory Technician :
  1. To perform a variety of quantitative and qualitative laboratory tests and analysis of gas, hydrocarbon, chemicals, water and various other substances, in accordance with established testing methods and instructions.
  2. To obtain process and utility unit samples in conformance with Company, HSE and International Standards and practices.
  3. To analyze, compute and record sample test data and results, using computer controlled laboratory apparatus and instruments in conjunction with the integrated LIMS automatic data transfer system.
  4. To receive sample list and enters analytical results using the computerized Laboratory Information System (LIMS) and Business Object reporting software.
  5. To comply with all relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) regulations, in the performance of all activities.
  6. To report any instrument operating faults and apparatus damage to the immediate shift supervisor.
  7. To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
  8. To prepare and standardize chemical reagents used in laboratory tests and on-line analyzers.
  9. To ensure development & implementation of Competency Based Training & Development programs, through use of Personal Development Plans (PDP’s) and UAE Nationalization directives.

Skill qualification : Bachelor's degree/higher diploma, B.Sc. in Chemistry graduate with at least 6 years expereince as Lab Tech in oil and gas industry.

There are many benefit when you work with them, big salary (negotiation) annual leave, housing and family insurance, including free school for your children. You will work as a full shift dutyfor your job as Laboratory Technician.

Only those in short list will be contact by them, to submit your job application or looking for future information you can go to the website : http://www.brunelenergy.net and search the job position or send your email to the : Mr. Suresh Ganti (suresh@bruneluae.com).

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Job Vacancies in Al-Emadi Hospital - Qatar

Al-Emadi Hospital is a unique new medical services center in Qatar. Through the past few years Al-Emadi Medical Center as qualified hospital was providing most professional specialties and unique facilities with modern equipments. The Al-Emadi Hospital has explored the wings of its business, to the satisfaction and demands of our customers. Al-Emadi Hospital under one roof on hands of most experienced doctors from all around of Arab world.

The Al-Emadi Hospital has 4 major operation rooms and Intensive care units, with top level in Middle East. The hospital offers inpatient and outpatient rooms, They have the following departments:

  • Endoscopy and General Surgery Dept.
    Gastro copy, Colonoscopy, Hemorrhage surgery (with laser or under general anesthesia) Gastric band, gastric balloon, Cholecystectomy, thyriodectomy, Appendectomy.
  • Skin care and hair removal.
    Laser (unwanted body hair removal, wart removal) Botex injections for wrinkles, skin peeling, and various skin care.
  • Plastic Surgery.
    Liposuction and loose skin for all of the body, treating burnt skin, cosmetic ear surgery and many more.
    Cosmetic surgeries minor or major.
  • Ophthalmologist and Sight Correction.
    Eye Lasik, eye problems, cataract surgery, eyeglass exam, topography.
  • Gynecology and Obstetric.
    Cesarean, or vaginal delivery rooms, with latest equipments, premarriage examinations, infertility treatment surgeries or laporscarpty,prenatal checkups, abortion treatment, ovarian cyst and many other gyn diagnostics treatments, under supervision of most experienced consultant gynecologists and obstructions.
  • Dental.
    Teeth bleeding, basic cleaning and polishing, fillings, X-ray, gum treatments, cavity, root canal, and many more.
  • Family Practice.
    General physical checkup for all family members and follow ups, diabetics and hypertension follow up care, home visits, and general and private physical examinations.

Right now to increase their services, The Al-Emadi Hospital has built pediatric department, urology department, orthopedic, including with minor and major operations.

The Al-Emadi Hospital will continually seek to upgrade and improve our facilities and services with up-to-date equipments and qualified staff. Our commitment to family-focused healthcare and the personal touch of the doctors, nurses and staff demonstrates our dedication to our foundational principles and core values.

With that reason, recently The Al-Emadi Hospital looking for professional worker in following position :

  1. Dermatology Consultant
  2. Pharmacist ( With Qatari License )
  3. Dietitian / Nutritionist ( Five years experience )
  4. HR Secretary
  5. IT
  6. Gynecology Consultant
  7. Pediatric Consultant
  8. Pulmonologist Consultant

If you interest to join and work at Al-Emadi Hospital, Please send in your CVs to the following Contact Details:

P.O.Box: 5804, Doha, Qatar.
Tel: +9744666009 Fax: +9744678340
Fax: +9744678340
E-mail: info@alemadihospital.com.qa

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Job In Al Salam Hospital Kuwait for Doctors

Al Salam International Hospital (S.I.H.) is a private hospital with 202 bed, located in Dasma Area - Kuwait. Al Salam International Hospital hosts a multitude of medical and surgical specialties and services staffed with highly qualified and trained clinical and non-clinical workforce stemming from different origins.

Al Salam International Hospital right now became first health care provider in Kuwait (private hospital/medical facilities) which provided services such as: Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, as well as Oncology and Radiation Therapy.

Recently, Al Salam International Hospital looking for energetic, intelligent and talented doctors to make them even better than they has done now. Working with Al Salam International Hospital (S.I.H.) you will be amply rewarded in terms of salary, conditions, working environment, career opportunities and other benefits.

Al Salam International Hospital currently open job opportunity for the doctor to fill following position :

  • Consultants required for each of the following specialties:
    1. Obstetrics and Gynecology (Female)
    2. Ophthalmology (Male/Female)
    3. Pediatrics and Neonatology (Male/Female)
    4. Plastic Surgery (Male)
    5. Histopathology (Female)
    6. Dermatology (Male / Female)
    7. Anesthesia (Female)
    8. Pediatric Anesthesia (Male / Female)
    9. Gastroenterology (Male)
    10. Radiology (Female)
    11. Rheumatology (Male)
    12. Chest Diseases (Male)

    The doctors who want to apply these job should be possess a higher qualification in their specialty (MRCOG/ MRCP/ MD/PhD, American Board, CCST (Certification of Completion of Specialist Training) with a total of 8-10 years experience, of which a minimum of 5 years and above after obtaining the higher qualification in their specialty. Age maximal 50 years old.

  • Registrars required for each of the following specialties:
    1. Obstetrics and Gynecology (Female)
    2. Anesthesia and Intensive Care (Male/Female)
    3. Radiology (Female)
    4. Gastroenterology (Female)

    Those interest in these jop postion, must have the MBBS followed by the appropriate specialty qualification, Masters/MD or equivalent, with a total experience of not less than 3 years inclusive of 1-2 years after obtaining the Masters. Age maximal 40 years old.

  • Job for Orthodontist

  • The doctor should have the Masters (MDS) degree followed by the appropriate specialty qualification, MD or equivalent, with a total experience of not less than 5 years inclusive of 2-3 years.

    If you interest to work at Al Salam International Hospital - Kuwait, you can apply and send your CV to:
    Human Resources Department
    Email: hr@sih-kw.com
    Fax No. (00965) 22540167 or (00965) 22512351

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    Hospital Job for Technicians in Royal Hospital - Sultanate of Oman

    The Royal Hospital is the largest tertiary health care institution in the Sultanate of Oman. It has medical and nursing professionals from various countries including Oman, India, Germany, England, South Africa, Malaysia, China and many more. Right now they are open for vacancies opportunity for the Technicians Staff.

    Oman is one of beautiful country in world, working there you will see the hospitable people with high standard of development, all the amenities of modern day living, tax free income, lots of avenues for work and relaxation.

    Join and work under Ministry Of Health (M.O.H) Oman you get benefits and facilities such as:
    • A good salary, free of income tax.
    • Annual 75% of air ticket reimbursement.
    • Annual renewable contract.
    • Free furnished accommodation.
    • Free medical treatment within the Ministry regulations and guidelines.
    • Free initial entry and final exit ticket.
    • 13 days per year of national holidays.
    • Annual vacation (48, 38,28 days per year) dependent on the appointment grade.
    • End of service gratuity (one month's basic salary for each year of service).

    The Royal Hospital currently looking for Technicians to fill the position bellow :
    1. Echo-Cardiographers
      Entry requirements: BSc in Allied Medical Sciences with specialization in Cardiac Technology + 3 years experience (OR) BSc in physics, chemistry and biology + 2 years diploma in Cardiac Technology + 3 years experience.

    2. Ward Nurse - Recovery Room
      Entry requirements: BSN + Specialized Course + 6 years of experience in recovery room. Candidate must have worked in more than an 8-beded recovery room in a tertiary hospital, have had managerial experience, and is willing to train other staff.

    3. CSSD Supervisor
      Entry requirements: S.R.N/Bachelors or equivalent plus Specialized Diploma of Operation Theatre + 6 years experience. The candidate must have worked in a senior position in a leading hospital in a developed country.

    4. Neuro Technologist
      Entry requirements: BSc in Allied Medical Science + 2 years of experience OR a 2 year diploma + 3 years of experience.

    5. Radiotherapy Technician:
      Bsc in relevant field plus 3 years experiece or Diploma in relevant field plus 5 years experience

    6. Engineer/ Civil Engineer
      Entry requirements: Masters degree in Civil Engineering+ 8 years of experience OR BSc in Civil Engineering+ 12 years of experience.

    7. Senior Fire Officer
      Entry requirements: Masters Degree + 9 yeras of Experience OR Bachelors degree + 15 years of experience. The candidate must have worked in a senior position in a leading hospital in a developed country.

    If You interest with that position, eligibility requirements and wish to apply, Please send your Curriculum Vitae by kindly download the following form bellow :

    Download: Employment Application Form

    Fill the form and send by email to the Personnel Affairs Department on the following email: roy-supr-adm@moh.gov.om This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it with copy to roy-omar@moh.gov.om.


    Director of Personnel Affairs,
    The Royal Hospital.

    Phone : (00968) 24 599 196 and (00968) 24 599 921
    Fax : (00968) 24 599 849

    PO Box 1331 Seeb,
    Postal Code 111
    The Sultanate of Oman.

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    Hospital Job for Director of Clinical Systems

    Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has collaboration with Harvard Medical International to provide high quality service in health care system for Dubai's country. Right now, The Dubai Healthcare City preparing a professional and academic hospital to improve quality of care and for world-class healthcare governance.

    This project will be finish on 2010, They put a name for the hospital as University Hospital. It will be the region’s premier teaching, clinical and research hospital, flagship facility within the DHCC, and the core of a regional network of teaching hospitals across the region.

    Recently the Dubai Healthcare City held recruitment for position "Director of Clinical Systems". Job description for this vacancy are :

  • Proactive about increasing application functional utilization

  • Ensuring that clinical systems are well managed

  • Work alongside other Directors

  • Care delivery managers to develop robust implementation and support plans organizationally wide.

  • Requirement for job position ar :

    - An undergraduate degree is required
    - An advanced degree is advantageous
    - Highly professional information systems leader
    - Comfortable in an academic medical center environment
    - Has minimum of 10 years relevant leadership experience
    - International, multicultural experience is highly preferred

    The successful candidate will get a chance to develop their career, The University Hospital will be affiliated with the Harvard Medical School Dubai Center, which offers postgraduate and continuing medical education, simulation laboratories and a medical library.

    To get list by Human Resource of DHCC on this job vacancy, send your resume to the following e-mail address : Dubai.IT@zurickdavis.com. Don't forget to put on the subjct of your email "Director of Clinical Systems, code 4236403.

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    Hospital Job for Ophthalmologist in Dubai

    An International Hospital in Dubai currently held some job vacancy in order to increase their services which include general practitioner and paediatric units. This is Dubai’s first private hospital that opening in 1990, provided patients with the very best of treatment within their own environment and without costly trips abroad.

    They are looking for Ophthalmologist Staff that having good talent, high responsibility to their job and has experience in pediatric ophthalmology and cataract surgery. The International Private Hospital Dubai (IPHD) is big private hospital in Dubai that open 24 hours for the emergency cases. This hospital also provided Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with the latest medical equipments such as X-ray, CT-Scan, Ultrasound, Colour-Doppler, Echocardiography & Ambulatory E.C.G. Machine for their services.

    In order to improve their services, the IPHD also need more staff to fill others job position such as ENT. specialist, Dentist, Optomotrist and Nurses. If you are interest to work in Dubai - United Arab Emirate and has basic according to their requirement position, you can contact them at this address :

    P.O.Box 914, Dubai, UAE. Tel :2212484, Fax : 2278894
    E-mail : al1dow@emirates.net.ae

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    Pharmacy Jobs in United Kingdom

    There are some Hospital in United Kingdom (UK) currently needs professional worker to join and work with them as Staff Pharmacy. If you are looking for job related to the pharmacy and interest to work in United Kingdom (Scotland, London, and Northampton) kept continue to read more information list of jobs bellow :

    1. Pharmacist Staff in Scotland Hospital

    The applicant must be registered with the RPSGB, At least has 2 years experience working in UK Hospital. The worker will get paid with competitive salary and full accommodation such as housing and transportation.

    2. Pharmacy Technician in Central London

    One off big Pharmacy in central London recently held recruitment for Pharmacy Technician Job. Those applicants who has retail pharmacist experience (at least 2 years), They can submit their job application and wait for contact soon by them.

    3. Pharmacist for Northampton Hospital

    A pharmacist is urgently required to work within a major hospital in the UK and your duties will mainly include in and outpatient dispensing; ward experience is also vital to this position. All Pharmacists must be RPSGB registered.

    If you are interest with all job vacancies above, submit your job application here :
    Apply or contact this number to get more details information : +44 (0)700 590 0155

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    Hospital Jobs for Physiotherapy in Australia

    A recruiter agency and placement of Physiotherapists for medical healthcare services in Australia "RSG" (Recruitment Specialist Group), recently held recruitment for the permanent staff to work as Physiotherapy in Public and Private Hospitals and others Healthcare Services Australia wide. The recruitment is not only for Australian citizen, whether you are in traveling visa or migrating or for other permits/visas its allow you to apply for jobs in Australia

    Those applicant who came by traveling visa They can apply directly to the Physiotherapists Registration Boards or send an email to contact them. The applicant also should be take practise as a Physiotherapist for up to six months in any one position in that State in order to introduce the worker with their job position.

    There are many place which accepted Physiotherapists Registration in Australia such as on the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria (VIC), Tasmania (TAS), New South Wales (NSW) and South Australia (SA).

    Send your email to the contact bellow :

  • Physiotherapists job on ACT : david.bale@act.gov.au
  • Physiotherapists job on VIC : registrar@physioboard.vic.gov.au
  • Physiotherapists job on TAS : physio@regboardstas.com
  • Physiotherapists job on NSW : physioreg@hprb.health.nsw.gov.au
  • Physiotherapists job on SA : jbailey@gtsa.com.au

  • If migrating or for other permits/visas the applicant need to take the Australian Examining Committee for Overseas Physiotherapists (AECOP) eligibility assessment and examinations. To get more information about job registration and salary you may contact Recruitment Specialist Group (RSG) team. Physiotherapists with aged care experience (minimum 12 months) are desirable, to be sponsored to work in Australia for 12 month contracts.

    RSG Jobs recruiter company contact address:

    PO Box 338, Clifton Beach, Queensland 4879, Australia
    Phone : 1800 220 999 (within australia) Free
    Phone : +61 7 4041 2399 (outside australia)
    email : jobs@rsgaustralia.com.au

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    Hospital Jobs for Doctor in Middle East

    A private hospital in Kuwait, Middle East "British Hospital" Looking for professiaonal doctor to work and join with them in order to increase their health care services to the patients. Recently they held position for specialist doctor to fill some jobs position such as :British Hospital is one of big private hospital in Kuwait, for the jobs vacancies above they are seriousely expecting the applicant those doctors who include in demand requirement :

    1. Hospital job; Specialist doctor in Obstetrics Gynaecology
    - Female doctor
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Has minimum 5 years of job experience in hospital
    - Capable to be incharge of OPD's , in-patient and surgery room

    2. Hospital job; Specialists/Registrars in Anaesthesia
    - Female Anaesthesia
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Minimun 5 years experience in epidural and Spinal Anaesthesia

    3. Hospital Job; Specialists doctor in Radiology
    - Available for Female only
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Minimum 5 years experience in obstetrics and ultra-sonography

    4. Hospital Job; Specialists doctor in Paediatrics
    - Expert in Neonatal care is essential
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Minimum 5 years experience in Paediatrics room

    All the jobs possition are paid with attractive salary and plus another benefits from hospital depend on their job and of course base on their experience. British Hospital is currently has 800 bedded Hospital with total medical care services.

    If you are interest with this jobs vacancies, contact Agency Recruitment for the Medical Healthcare bellow:

    Charishma, G-01, Ground Floor,
    Gurudev Apts, R.C.Marg ,
    Chembur Naka - Mumbai-71,India
    Tel:91 22 522 1817/524 3680
    Fax:-524 3681
    Direct:595 1148
    Email: charishm@vsnl.com

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    Hospital Job for Staff Nurse in North America

    One of big Healthcare group company in Nort America, Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) recently held recruitment for the Nurses (RN) who want to work in their company. FMCNA is healthcare services which focus on the dialysis and a determination cases, They have central hospital and the 2,000 branches clinic across North America.

    Current job vacancies list are for the position Staff RN and Charge Nurse. They are looking for Nurse who has license as Register Nurse (RN) from Nursing School with good credibility. Leading to provide the hospital services, They has some category or criteria to describe a profesional Nurse who want to join and work with them. For Charge Nurse you can see direct on this link "Charge Nurse Recruitment".

    Job Position for Staff Register Nurse "Staff RN" only for those Nurses who has certificate of CPR and successful completion of a training course in theory and practice of hemodialysis. Others Requirement are :

  • Most preferred for RN who has experience in Hemodialysis department.

  • ICU experience preferred

  • Able to assist in lifting patients and dialysis equipment

  • Has minumum 1 year experience in medical-surgical nursing department

  • Job description :

    Do the assessment to the patients that may response to dialysis therapy, make appropriate adjustments and modifications to the treatment plan as indicated or directed by the supervisor or as prescribed by the Physician. Assessment that includes in pre, interim, and post dialysis and any document findings.

    As Staff Nurse, you are responsible to give education to the patient and family about information regarding end stage renal disease, dialysis therapy, diet and medications. Also the Nurse should be able to perform technical aspects of dialysis procedures to the other team healthcare services.

    If you are qualified to fill this job vacancy, contact them now :

    Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA)
    920 Winter Street
    Waltham, MA 02451-1457
    (781) 699-9000
    (800) 662-1237

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    Healthcare Jobs in Hospital

    Leading to many of people who looking for job in healthcare department, So we are trying to make stuff about jobs information from all hospital jobs around the world such as :

    Middle East Jobs in hospital of Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Yemen.

    Healthcare jobs in hospital of America including New York, Washington, Niagara Falls, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Utah, Lk.Powell, Bryce Canyon, Texas and Rodeo.

    Medical or healthcare jobs in hospital region Europe for example in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

    We will provide you some guide and job information in any vacancies in hospital or may be also inside clicnic or polyclinic area such as :

  • Clinical Research Jobs, Sterile Processing Jobs, Health Care Administration Jobs, Health Care Human Resources Jobs, Counseling Jobs, Allied Health Jobs, Materials Management Jobs, Consumer Advocacy Jobs, Nursing Management Jobs, Safety & Security Jobs, Health Care Customer Service Jobs

  • Nurse Practitioner Jobs, CNA Jobs, LPN Jobs, Registered Nurse Jobs, Physical Therapy Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs, Health Care Engineering Jobs, Medical Billing Jobs, Physician Jobs

  • Social Services Jobs, Facilities Management Jobs, Health Care Strategy Jobs, Food & Nutrition Jobs, Hospital Operations Jobs, Support Services Jobs and others vacancvies.

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