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Hospital Job for Technicians in Royal Hospital - Sultanate of Oman

The Royal Hospital is the largest tertiary health care institution in the Sultanate of Oman. It has medical and nursing professionals from various countries including Oman, India, Germany, England, South Africa, Malaysia, China and many more. Right now they are open for vacancies opportunity for the Technicians Staff.

Oman is one of beautiful country in world, working there you will see the hospitable people with high standard of development, all the amenities of modern day living, tax free income, lots of avenues for work and relaxation.

Join and work under Ministry Of Health (M.O.H) Oman you get benefits and facilities such as:
  • A good salary, free of income tax.
  • Annual 75% of air ticket reimbursement.
  • Annual renewable contract.
  • Free furnished accommodation.
  • Free medical treatment within the Ministry regulations and guidelines.
  • Free initial entry and final exit ticket.
  • 13 days per year of national holidays.
  • Annual vacation (48, 38,28 days per year) dependent on the appointment grade.
  • End of service gratuity (one month's basic salary for each year of service).

The Royal Hospital currently looking for Technicians to fill the position bellow :
  1. Echo-Cardiographers
    Entry requirements: BSc in Allied Medical Sciences with specialization in Cardiac Technology + 3 years experience (OR) BSc in physics, chemistry and biology + 2 years diploma in Cardiac Technology + 3 years experience.

  2. Ward Nurse - Recovery Room
    Entry requirements: BSN + Specialized Course + 6 years of experience in recovery room. Candidate must have worked in more than an 8-beded recovery room in a tertiary hospital, have had managerial experience, and is willing to train other staff.

  3. CSSD Supervisor
    Entry requirements: S.R.N/Bachelors or equivalent plus Specialized Diploma of Operation Theatre + 6 years experience. The candidate must have worked in a senior position in a leading hospital in a developed country.

  4. Neuro Technologist
    Entry requirements: BSc in Allied Medical Science + 2 years of experience OR a 2 year diploma + 3 years of experience.

  5. Radiotherapy Technician:
    Bsc in relevant field plus 3 years experiece or Diploma in relevant field plus 5 years experience

  6. Engineer/ Civil Engineer
    Entry requirements: Masters degree in Civil Engineering+ 8 years of experience OR BSc in Civil Engineering+ 12 years of experience.

  7. Senior Fire Officer
    Entry requirements: Masters Degree + 9 yeras of Experience OR Bachelors degree + 15 years of experience. The candidate must have worked in a senior position in a leading hospital in a developed country.

If You interest with that position, eligibility requirements and wish to apply, Please send your Curriculum Vitae by kindly download the following form bellow :

Download: Employment Application Form

Fill the form and send by email to the Personnel Affairs Department on the following email: roy-supr-adm@moh.gov.om This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it with copy to roy-omar@moh.gov.om.


Director of Personnel Affairs,
The Royal Hospital.

Phone : (00968) 24 599 196 and (00968) 24 599 921
Fax : (00968) 24 599 849

PO Box 1331 Seeb,
Postal Code 111
The Sultanate of Oman.

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At January 28, 2009 at 10:38 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

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At December 25, 2009 at 9:26 AM, Blogger JOSE ROY RESANO said...




Via internet, I have seen in your Hospital data that you are in need of medical employee as Radiographer in Oman; therefore I am interested to apply for the position as CT / MRI Radiographer Technologist.

I am Mr. Jose Roy Resano, 30 years, graduated from the bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technologist, from school of Iloilo Doctors College Philippines and also a member of Philippines Board Passer of Radiologic Technologist Examination with the average of 79.60%.

For almost 7 years of working experience I have gained my qualification in the field of CT / MRI Scan. I am presently employed in a Military Hospital under the Ministry of Defense and Aviation with a 450 bed capacity, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I am very willing to apply any branch of your Government / Private Hospital in Oman to become a member of you institution and I am willing to take any qualification exam required by your state.

Herewith attached is my CVs and certified credentials pertaining my qualification for the vacant position I am interested to apply in your prestigious hospital. You can contact my directly to my mobile #: (+966) 558625274 or sent email message to my email address: roy_resano@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your kind and consideration and Best regards!
Respectfully yours,


At November 12, 2010 at 4:13 PM, Blogger arif said...

We are an ophthalmologist couple. Both husband and wife completed Masters degree in ophthalmology with long clinical experience. We are willing to work with you. If you are interested to see our CV, please let us know via email : drarifsun_eye@yahoo.com . Regards.

Dr. Syed Md. Arif Sanawar
MBBS, DO, MS(ophthalmology)
Dr. Shabeena Huda
MBBS, MS(ophthalmology)

At January 13, 2011 at 2:00 PM, Blogger md said...


The HR Manager
Subject: Job Application

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have 7+ yrs of experience as Physiotherapist in different Hospital in QATAR and INDIA. Currently working in QATAR .I would like to submit my resume for your kind perusal. I believe my qualifications will match your requirements. I have a experience in different/critical type of cases to treatment and new situations. Working with Cardio/Ortho/Neuro department has been rewarding and has created positive change in my personal developments.

Please consider this letter as an expression of my sincere interest in pursuing the vacancy in your prestigious organization. I am capable of working hard, self-confident, optimistic, sincere and honest with good leadership qualities.

I would like to have opportunity to talk to you about my background and the areas in which I can benefit your organization & in turn gain advancement of my career development.


I look forward to hear from you.



Sr Physiotherapist
C0N- +97455922352//email-mdsadique343@gmail.com

At October 10, 2011 at 9:18 AM, Blogger Steve Cooper said...

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At October 13, 2011 at 2:22 PM, Blogger Steve Cooper said...

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