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All Healthcare Jobs in Hospital for Bachelor Degree or Diploma, Doctors Job, Nurses Job, Midwives Job, Orthodontist or Dentistry Job, Microbiologist Job, Laboratory Technician Job, Radiology Job, Allied Health Job, Pharmaceutical Job, Health Care Engineering Job, Physician Job, Hospital Operations Job, etc.

Hospital Jobs for Physiotherapy in Australia

A recruiter agency and placement of Physiotherapists for medical healthcare services in Australia "RSG" (Recruitment Specialist Group), recently held recruitment for the permanent staff to work as Physiotherapy in Public and Private Hospitals and others Healthcare Services Australia wide. The recruitment is not only for Australian citizen, whether you are in traveling visa or migrating or for other permits/visas its allow you to apply for jobs in Australia

Those applicant who came by traveling visa They can apply directly to the Physiotherapists Registration Boards or send an email to contact them. The applicant also should be take practise as a Physiotherapist for up to six months in any one position in that State in order to introduce the worker with their job position.

There are many place which accepted Physiotherapists Registration in Australia such as on the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria (VIC), Tasmania (TAS), New South Wales (NSW) and South Australia (SA).

Send your email to the contact bellow :

  • Physiotherapists job on ACT : david.bale@act.gov.au
  • Physiotherapists job on VIC : registrar@physioboard.vic.gov.au
  • Physiotherapists job on TAS : physio@regboardstas.com
  • Physiotherapists job on NSW : physioreg@hprb.health.nsw.gov.au
  • Physiotherapists job on SA : jbailey@gtsa.com.au

  • If migrating or for other permits/visas the applicant need to take the Australian Examining Committee for Overseas Physiotherapists (AECOP) eligibility assessment and examinations. To get more information about job registration and salary you may contact Recruitment Specialist Group (RSG) team. Physiotherapists with aged care experience (minimum 12 months) are desirable, to be sponsored to work in Australia for 12 month contracts.

    RSG Jobs recruiter company contact address:

    PO Box 338, Clifton Beach, Queensland 4879, Australia
    Phone : 1800 220 999 (within australia) Free
    Phone : +61 7 4041 2399 (outside australia)
    email : jobs@rsgaustralia.com.au

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    Hospital Jobs for Doctor in Middle East

    A private hospital in Kuwait, Middle East "British Hospital" Looking for professiaonal doctor to work and join with them in order to increase their health care services to the patients. Recently they held position for specialist doctor to fill some jobs position such as :British Hospital is one of big private hospital in Kuwait, for the jobs vacancies above they are seriousely expecting the applicant those doctors who include in demand requirement :

    1. Hospital job; Specialist doctor in Obstetrics Gynaecology
    - Female doctor
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Has minimum 5 years of job experience in hospital
    - Capable to be incharge of OPD's , in-patient and surgery room

    2. Hospital job; Specialists/Registrars in Anaesthesia
    - Female Anaesthesia
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Minimun 5 years experience in epidural and Spinal Anaesthesia

    3. Hospital Job; Specialists doctor in Radiology
    - Available for Female only
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Minimum 5 years experience in obstetrics and ultra-sonography

    4. Hospital Job; Specialists doctor in Paediatrics
    - Expert in Neonatal care is essential
    - Post Graduate degree
    - Minimum 5 years experience in Paediatrics room

    All the jobs possition are paid with attractive salary and plus another benefits from hospital depend on their job and of course base on their experience. British Hospital is currently has 800 bedded Hospital with total medical care services.

    If you are interest with this jobs vacancies, contact Agency Recruitment for the Medical Healthcare bellow:

    Charishma, G-01, Ground Floor,
    Gurudev Apts, R.C.Marg ,
    Chembur Naka - Mumbai-71,India
    Tel:91 22 522 1817/524 3680
    Fax:-524 3681
    Direct:595 1148
    Email: charishm@vsnl.com

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    Hospital Job for Staff Nurse in North America

    One of big Healthcare group company in Nort America, Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) recently held recruitment for the Nurses (RN) who want to work in their company. FMCNA is healthcare services which focus on the dialysis and a determination cases, They have central hospital and the 2,000 branches clinic across North America.

    Current job vacancies list are for the position Staff RN and Charge Nurse. They are looking for Nurse who has license as Register Nurse (RN) from Nursing School with good credibility. Leading to provide the hospital services, They has some category or criteria to describe a profesional Nurse who want to join and work with them. For Charge Nurse you can see direct on this link "Charge Nurse Recruitment".

    Job Position for Staff Register Nurse "Staff RN" only for those Nurses who has certificate of CPR and successful completion of a training course in theory and practice of hemodialysis. Others Requirement are :

  • Most preferred for RN who has experience in Hemodialysis department.

  • ICU experience preferred

  • Able to assist in lifting patients and dialysis equipment

  • Has minumum 1 year experience in medical-surgical nursing department

  • Job description :

    Do the assessment to the patients that may response to dialysis therapy, make appropriate adjustments and modifications to the treatment plan as indicated or directed by the supervisor or as prescribed by the Physician. Assessment that includes in pre, interim, and post dialysis and any document findings.

    As Staff Nurse, you are responsible to give education to the patient and family about information regarding end stage renal disease, dialysis therapy, diet and medications. Also the Nurse should be able to perform technical aspects of dialysis procedures to the other team healthcare services.

    If you are qualified to fill this job vacancy, contact them now :

    Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA)
    920 Winter Street
    Waltham, MA 02451-1457
    (781) 699-9000
    (800) 662-1237

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    Healthcare Jobs in Hospital

    Leading to many of people who looking for job in healthcare department, So we are trying to make stuff about jobs information from all hospital jobs around the world such as :

    Middle East Jobs in hospital of Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Yemen.

    Healthcare jobs in hospital of America including New York, Washington, Niagara Falls, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Utah, Lk.Powell, Bryce Canyon, Texas and Rodeo.

    Medical or healthcare jobs in hospital region Europe for example in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

    We will provide you some guide and job information in any vacancies in hospital or may be also inside clicnic or polyclinic area such as :

  • Clinical Research Jobs, Sterile Processing Jobs, Health Care Administration Jobs, Health Care Human Resources Jobs, Counseling Jobs, Allied Health Jobs, Materials Management Jobs, Consumer Advocacy Jobs, Nursing Management Jobs, Safety & Security Jobs, Health Care Customer Service Jobs

  • Nurse Practitioner Jobs, CNA Jobs, LPN Jobs, Registered Nurse Jobs, Physical Therapy Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs, Health Care Engineering Jobs, Medical Billing Jobs, Physician Jobs

  • Social Services Jobs, Facilities Management Jobs, Health Care Strategy Jobs, Food & Nutrition Jobs, Hospital Operations Jobs, Support Services Jobs and others vacancvies.

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