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Hospital Job for Ophthalmologist in Dubai

An International Hospital in Dubai currently held some job vacancy in order to increase their services which include general practitioner and paediatric units. This is Dubai’s first private hospital that opening in 1990, provided patients with the very best of treatment within their own environment and without costly trips abroad.

They are looking for Ophthalmologist Staff that having good talent, high responsibility to their job and has experience in pediatric ophthalmology and cataract surgery. The International Private Hospital Dubai (IPHD) is big private hospital in Dubai that open 24 hours for the emergency cases. This hospital also provided Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with the latest medical equipments such as X-ray, CT-Scan, Ultrasound, Colour-Doppler, Echocardiography & Ambulatory E.C.G. Machine for their services.

In order to improve their services, the IPHD also need more staff to fill others job position such as ENT. specialist, Dentist, Optomotrist and Nurses. If you are interest to work in Dubai - United Arab Emirate and has basic according to their requirement position, you can contact them at this address :

P.O.Box 914, Dubai, UAE. Tel :2212484, Fax : 2278894
E-mail : al1dow@emirates.net.ae

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Pharmacy Jobs in United Kingdom

There are some Hospital in United Kingdom (UK) currently needs professional worker to join and work with them as Staff Pharmacy. If you are looking for job related to the pharmacy and interest to work in United Kingdom (Scotland, London, and Northampton) kept continue to read more information list of jobs bellow :

1. Pharmacist Staff in Scotland Hospital

The applicant must be registered with the RPSGB, At least has 2 years experience working in UK Hospital. The worker will get paid with competitive salary and full accommodation such as housing and transportation.

2. Pharmacy Technician in Central London

One off big Pharmacy in central London recently held recruitment for Pharmacy Technician Job. Those applicants who has retail pharmacist experience (at least 2 years), They can submit their job application and wait for contact soon by them.

3. Pharmacist for Northampton Hospital

A pharmacist is urgently required to work within a major hospital in the UK and your duties will mainly include in and outpatient dispensing; ward experience is also vital to this position. All Pharmacists must be RPSGB registered.

If you are interest with all job vacancies above, submit your job application here :
Apply or contact this number to get more details information : +44 (0)700 590 0155

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